New Donburi Rice Bowls for 2

Staying at home and missing your Teriyaki Boy faves a little 2 much? Good news to all our tomodachis: your favorite Donburi for 2 is back! For just 499, you and your housemates can enjoy 2 donburi that’ll finally satisfy your Japanese cravings.     

New Sukiyaki

There’s really nothing quite like sharing a warm, hearty meal with your loved ones. Make it even more heartwarming with the Teriyaki Boy Sukiyaki Bundle! Built to satisfy cravings: 1 order Sukiyaki, 1 order Ebi Tempura, and 2 orders soda in can (good for 2).

New Sushi Trays

You crave it, we have it! Sink your teeth into crisp and rich sushi trays of Spicy Seafood + Spam Musubi or Kani + Spam Musubi!